Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lovin' this weather!

Love, love, love this fall like weather!!!  The dogs actually got to stay outside all day today!
When momma got home it was play time!
I seriously love watching two boxers play and wrestle.
Well, today they were running full speed and wrestling and Elly May was keeping a close eye on it.  Then suddenly she took off after them at full speed.  I started yelling - I mean, who knows if she wants to join in the play or hurt them?  
My heart almost stopped when she caught up to them, Bubba Bear was on the ground on his back and didn't see her coming.  I thought, "oh, here it comes!  She's going to stomp him!"  But, she stopped inches from him and I got there and bumped her as hard as I could with all my weight and yelled NO!  Let me tell you disciplining a donkey is comical at best!!  Well, she then took after Stella!!  Ears pinned back and charged.  So, once again, I asserted that I was in charge and NO MA'AM!  Then, we had a team huddle and all made nice!
Turns out, our dear Elly May is in heat = moody mare!  Oh dear!
So, it could be an interesting week around here!
Rex is just gonna chill & watch the events unfold.  (By the way, he ain't no fool.  When the donkeys get a wild hair and chase him.  He runs straight to me! Ha!)
*PS.  We were still at 3 eggs today. 

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Vader's Mom said...

I think Rex is the smart one!! You've got four crazy ones and Rex :)

I love the pictures you are capturing, btw. Boxers at play is adorable!!!