Sunday, August 16, 2015

Promotion Sunday

Today was the day that these girls said goodbye to the little kid area at church and moved up the hill to the teenage area (our church calls the teenage building Ten 10 after John 10:10).
The parents came and watched the girls being presented with a Bible journal each with an individual Bible verse.  After a quick pep talk and encouragement and a few tears, it was time to say goodbye and head up the hill for their next adventure!

I had really prayed at the end of last year about where to serve in this upcoming year.  I felt like I had finally just gotten to know the girls to only say goodbye.  Then, I realized there was an opening to teach them the next year.  And of course, then I thought, "That would be crazy!  I'm not qualified to go up the hill and teach teenagers!!"  But, God had other plans.  
The parents were very grateful that Ms. Jennifer & I were staying with them to help make the transition easier.

All the 7th graders - boys and girls - ready to go up the hill!

 And of course, they HAD to have a few silly pictures...these girls LOVE selfies & getting their picture taken! LOL!
Here we are walking in ... nervous and excited ... not knowing what to expect!

And, then when the Youth Director opened the door for us to go inside the main area, ALL the big kids were lined up cheering and made a tunnel for us to walk through!!  It was an AWESOME welcome!!

 What a GREAT atmosphere to calm the nerves! :)
I love these girls!  I know it's going to be a great year.  Please pray that I am the leader they need me to be.