Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tales of a Donkey Mom

It started by coming home and not even being able to pull through the gate because as soon as I opened it, Elly May didn't move OUT of the way, instead she thought I wanted her to eat the grass on the other side.  So, I got her back in and left my car outside the gate until she moved on later.  There is no rushing a donkey! Ha!

 The rest of the night was spent worrying over my Jethro.  He is limping and not feeling too good.  I really think the moody mare we call Elly May kicked him and hurt him.  Granted he pesters her non-stop, but she has started giving as good as she gets.  And, at feeding time she pins those ears all the way back and isn't playing AT ALL.  Poor Jethro.  Even Bubba looks worried about him.  
I really need some donkey friends I can call when I am in a donkey mom panic.  Thank God my mom has horses.  Close enough.  I may have sent her 3 videos of Jethro walking to get her opinion. I realized tonight just how much I love these little donkeys already.  Can you believe it's only been 4 months of us having them?
In other farm news, Jackie jumped up in the lounger with me to be petted while I was letting them free range tonight!  I can even spoil a chicken! LOL!  
One more sleep until the weekend!  Woohoo!

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Vader's Mom said...

I hope Jethro feels better soon!! I love his stories.

And really? You found a way to spoil a chicken? Only you!!!