Thursday, August 6, 2015

The 7 Best Practices for Teaching Teenagers the Bible by Andy Blanks

The Youth Pastor at our church gave me this book to read this summer since I am moving "up the hill" with my girls to continue teaching them Sunday School as they transition from the little kid area to the teenager area!!  I am still in awe that God has moved me in this direction.  If anyone else finds themselves teaching teenagers the Bible, this book was a really good read.  The author has a style that is easy to read and has some great tips with examples.  Keep a highlighter handy. :)

Summary from
Leading students closer to God is what being a youth worker is all about. What’s the most effective way to do this? By teaching students the Bible!

The Bible is God’s main way of making Himself and His ways known. Your effectiveness at leading students closer to God is tied to your ability to effectively teach the Bible. But teaching the Bible doesn’t have to be intimidating! The 7 Best Practices For Teaching Teenagers The Bible teaches you seven ultra-practical and deeply meaningful “practices” you can use to help teach the Bible in a transformative and dynamic way.

The 7 Best Practices for Teaching Teenagers the Bible are:

Engaging With God

Prepare Well, Teach Well

Context Is Key

Embrace Unpredictability

Plan For Interaction

Teaching For Application

Know Your Role

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