Thursday, August 13, 2015

What's happening?

Jethro...I believe he is taking Bubba Bear's place in being our "problem child".  At the very least, they can give each other a run for the money!  I think it is funny that Jethro took WEEKS to let us even touch him and now he is our attention hound.  He can't get enough!
He is a major pest to his sister, Elly May.  He is forever pestering her and biting her (which is how donkeys play, so it's ok).

So...donkeys bite when they play...Bubba Bear and Jethro have finally made friends...only natural that Jethro would bite Bubba!!  The first time he did it (he's done it twice that I know of), he snuck up behind Bubba and bit him.  I have never seen Bubba move so fast! LOL!  He didn't hurt him, but Bubba is now a little calmer around him! :)

In all fairness, Bubba did "box" Jethro first. So, Jethro was just showing him how donkeys play.  I don't think Bubba is fond of it!

I do still keep a close eye on these two, but I don't have to watch them like a hawk anymore.  AND, now I'm watching them more to make sure Jethro behaves than Bubba!! How crazy is that?!? Ha!
In other farm news, we have chicken names!!  5 out of the 6 are named!!  Now I've gone and done it.  Now if something happens to them, I'm going to be upset.  I admit it.  And, I have a favorite! :)
Ok, we have Frenchie (because her comb (thing on their head) is pink, so Frenchie from the pink ladies on Grease), Ginger is another Rhode Island Red so she is named after Ginger who had red hair on Gilligan's Island, and then the last Rhode Island Red is named Red.  She has the brightest red comb.

The barred rocks (the black and white chickens), they are harder to tell apart.  So, we have one with a wing that is "jacked up", so I named her Jackie.  And, one with a normal comb I called Henrietta.  The last one has a crazy looking comb, so Big Bear is trying to come up with a rock and roll name for her since she is a barred rock.  Get it? LOL!
We are easily entertained!

 Above is Kevin with Ginger...she is my favorite and the friendliest.  She will lay down and let you pet her!!
Red and Henrietta :)

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Vader's Mom said...

I swear, you two crack me up!!!! I never thought I'd come over here and see that lab-loving man of yours cuddling with a chicken!!!

Seriously - Children's book about the misadventures of Bubba and Jethro. You just keep feeding us good material.