Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Oh the antics!

I would feel sorry for her but her nickname is "Meanie".  Don't worry...she will pay him back ten-fold.  Hence the slight limp he is still carrying around.

Tonight the ladies were in full force!  They let me know right away when they were ready for their party mix! LOL!  They jumped right up in the lounger with me!  Cracked me up!  That chicken party mix treat bag is no joke!!  

Even the ladies like a little petting and loving every now and then.  I mean who am I to say no?  They are actually the only pets around here that actually DO something! LOL!  
They really are getting friendlier.  I don't have the walk by kicking my feet up high to keep them from pecking me anymore! ha!  Honestly, the peck doesn't hurt.  It is just the shock of "hey that chicken just pecked me!" ha!
I saved the best for last...I like to call this video "I got you babe"...I need to figure out how to put that song to it! :) 

1 comment:

Vader's Mom said...

Those two!! I see Stella girl in the background too :)

And those chickens... How did you get chickens that want love and attention? They are perfect for you!