Thursday, September 3, 2015

Halter Time (in pictures)

I've worked on picking up their feet and brushing them.  Now it's time for a little halter training.  And, tonight was the first go round.  What do you know?  Elly May was impossible and Jethro was so good!!  He also let me pick his hooves tonight.  Elly May had me chasing her all over the place.  I've picked up her feet a million times but with that pick in my hand, she wanted none of it.  Get a Jenny all the books said.  You don't want a Jack all the books said.  Books lie!
Here is my "I am fed up with you Elly May" face. ha!
 And, then there is my boy, Jethro! Love him!

Elly May has kept a close eye on the activities. Now it's her turn!  (I think Stella is laughing at her!)

 She gone!

 This donkey!!! I will win! Eventually...

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Vader's Mom said...

She's gotten to be a handful!! I thought Jethro was going to be the problem donkey, but she's turned the tables on that!!