Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Happy Place

After a not-so-great work day (I really need to win the lottery!), it's amazing how my mood can turn around once I get home to my happy place.  
I mean who doesn't love a donkey covered in mud after a nice rain shower?!?  How can you not smile at my now brown donkey? 
 They both stand in the rain and get wet and then find a good dirt/mud pile afterwards and roll.  I couldn't find a clean spot to pet them! LOL!
And who wouldn't laugh when you turn around from hanging up the chicken feed to find two donkeys standing right behind you IN the chicken run?  (Like how Elly May tries to get out before I see her? ha!)

 Look at that face!!  "But MOM, I'm hungry too!  Can I have some grain?"
 The chickens were so confused! LOL!  
Quick!  Eat it before the big guy comes back!
"Hey ladies!!  I found the party mix!"
Bad day, but good night!  I even had a friend stop by and bring me a Hog pallet she made me!  How awesome is that?!?  Pictures tomorrow, it 's too dark now. 
Tomorrow WILL be better! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

I need some donkeys!!!!