Sunday, September 6, 2015

Opinions please

I stepped out of my comfort zone and used a shade of blue for our bedroom.  It was the last room I painted before I went back to work.  I hated it!  Depending on what time of day and how much light was in the room, it could look baby blue at times and purplish at times.  I wanted a blueish/gray.  So...I did something I have never done in all my years of painting, I painted again - probably just a month after living with the color.  Here is the blue:
 I don't even think the pictures show how BLUE it was.  It was kind of in your face.  Our bedroom as you can see from the picture below is literally right off the living room. Our door is always open, so I wanted something that would blend with the living room.  Now, I'm trying straight up gray!  Going on, I thought, oh boy, I am messing up again!
 But after it was dry, I love it!  So, that is not where I need your opinion.  Even if you don't like the gray, just keep it to yourself because instead of cringing when I walk into the bedroom now I sigh, a happy content sigh.  That is so much better!
 Don't you love how my pets creep into the pictures? :)  Ok, so see how the gray blends nicely with the living room?  Cause the living room is yellow and gray.  Ahhh!  Now to the opinion...
 I painted 3 walls gray yesterday and it tamed the blue down tremendously.  Do I leave the wall behind the bed blue as an accent wall or go ahead and paint it gray?  I honestly go back and forth...I'm not getting curtains or accent pillows until I make up my mind.  Thoughts and opinions?  You can comment here, text me or email them to me. :)

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Vader's Mom said...

I'd go all grey then hand a piece of art.