Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weekend Highlight

After a Hog loss (embarrassment week 2!!), Alabama loss, and a disastrous Sunday School session with my 7th grade girls...the only real highlight to my weekend was going to Newport to Mom's farm to take care of her crew while she was out of town.  I need a break from this weekend!!!  
This little boxer girl above is Bubba Bear's momma!  Hard to believe cause she's just a itty bitty boxer! :)
I cleaned out the horses water buckets and Duke thought I made him a fresh bath!  He jumped right in!  So much for clean water! LOL!
It takes all my control not to steal this barn cat from my mom!  She is gorgeous!!
I never appreciated just how BIG and beautiful the horses were until I compared them to my little mini-donkeys.  Horses hooves are HUGE in comparison.  I was more than a little intimated and glad all I had to do with them was check on them and give them fresh water!!
 And then there is these two...Bubba Bear's brothers, Leo and Harley.  What a pair!  
 I think Leo is gorgeous (below).  I can't believe Kevin thinks white boxers are ugly. :(
 And then, there is one of the biggest hazards of living in the country...people dump their dogs.  Can you EVEN imagine doing that!?!
All three of these little cuties below were dumped on the dirt road my parents live on.  Hello?  Coyote dinner anyone?  The two rat terriers are sweet as can be.  Makes me so mad every time I think about it.  And even though my mom has her hands full of pets already, what are you going to do? she has a few little dogs too.  
 This is what happens to your lap when you sit down...haha!  Now how do you just dump those precious babies and drive off and leave?  Makes no sense!
Thankful that in a disappointing weekend, I was able to lend a helping hand to give some peace of mind to my Mom (who majorly needed a break).  

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Vader's Mom said...

Between your mom's house and your house, I would never leave. I'd just want to play with the animals all day!!!