Sunday, September 27, 2015

Weekend Report

Friday was a crazy busy day with it being the first day of the Fall "Monster" Book Fair!  Exhausting but fun!
In the middle of the book fair, the school district stopped by to deliver an award for our school because we came in FIRST PLACE for the summer reading challenge.  One of our students even won an ipad, because she read the most books!!  LOVE IT!!!
 Each class comes to visit the book fair, and in those boxes in the picture above, we first do a little fun activity so that ALL students have fun at the book fair even if they don't have money to shop.  So, since it's monster themed, I made boxes with "monster parts" like eyes, intestines, fingernails, fingers and the students reach in and feel it.  They love it.  Then, the little ones get to take a guided tour and the older kids get to walk around and make wish lists.  It's truly amazing how exhausted I am by the end of the day! Ha!
And, at the end of this exhausting day, I get a call from our renter that there is a leak somewhere...turns out the air conditioner was leaking inside the house.  Look at those pitiful floors.  All down the hallway, entry way and half the living room.  My first ever insurance claim. :(
Saturday was my niece's last horse show for the season and it was the "fun show" where they do silly competitions.  It was fun to watch, the weather was cool, and I love seeing my family.

We left the horse show listening to the Hog game and made it home to watch the second half.  I am a Hog fan for life, but I don't think it's healthy for us to watch any more games this season.  We were both so mad, it was ridiculous.  The dogs ran from the room because of the yelling.  Something has to give!!

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