Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekends go too fast! :(

 Tina Turner, Henrietta and Jackie in the background...just enjoying some freedom while I try to find my peace after a bad work week.  I decided NOT to think about work all weekend.  I mostly succeeded. :)  And, this week, my goal is regardless of what happens at work, I will not bring it home with me.  My poor husband just got home from a mission trip and has been sick since he got home and I haven't been in the best of moods.  Ooops!  This week will be better! 
Ruby Rue hangs out on my tables made of barn wood because it's the closest she will get to being a barn cat! LOL!
Saturday while Kevin was working, I decided to tackle some major yard cleaning up before the Hog game (that turns out I should have just keep working in the yard!!!  That game got my stress level right back up!).  I lost count of how many trailer loads of branches, weeds and sticker bushes I hauled to my now massive burn pile!  It felt good!! 
That's gonna be an AWESOME burn!! :)
It's no wonder I can barely move today and have taken multiple doses of ibuprofen!! Ha!
Elly May trying to be helpful and eat some of the tree branches!  Just doing her part to clean up!
And of course, we have to get our daily walk in through the woods.  Instead of 3 dogs on my walk, now I have 3 dogs and 2 donkeys that follow! I'm telling you NOTHING gets past these two!
Success!!!  Tonight is the first night that Jethro put all four feet in the barn!!  I'm going to feed them here all week and then slowly move him further in.  I just want them to be comfortable this winter and now that they are sleeping in the front yard and not down in their shed, well, it only makes sense to use our awesome barn!!
**One year ago today was when we wrote our first offer on this farm.  After two days of going back and forth, we were under contract on the 15th.  One year...what a ride!  I'm SO beyond happy we jumped out on faith on this one!  Can you imagine not having Jethro and Elly May and the chickens? :)

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