Thursday, October 1, 2015

An afternoon on the farm :)

 This is my peace!  Simple things like throwing out some cheerios and watching the "action"...who can grab the most?  Who is Elly May going to bulldoze out of her way?  After a busy and stressful day of work, this is the good stuff!
Enjoy a little 15 to 20 seconds on the farm:
Boxer playtime...Rex cracks me up!
And, of course, working on getting these donkeys to like a stall before winter arrives.  We are now eating in the barn at least.  Tonight I thought I'd move them INTO the stall.  They didn't get fed last night because we were out of town, so I thought they might be so desperate for grain that they would go right in. Nope!
 Here is a little of the indecision...and final answer for you! ha!
 Our compromise:
 One more sleep and it's the weekend! :)

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