Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Baby Chickens Update

This little one for days has been staring at the top of the feeder for days and trying with all its might to fly to the top of it. Ha!  I caught this little video yesterday.  So cute.  Again, sorry for the red tint.  It's the heat lamp they must stay under.
I giggle every time!  
And then today, presto!  Made it!  Perseverance pays off!  LOL!

Remember this little endeavor is a bit of a science experiment, because we have no idea what we got.  They could be hens or roosters.  So, Kevin and I have a bet going.  He thinks there are only 2 hens.  I think there are 2 roosters and 3 hens.  (And, yes, so far we are still at 5...only lost the one.)  What do you think?
These are the ones I think are hens.  Totally guessing, but I am basing my opinion on their personalities and attitudes towards the others.

We might be able to tell a little better next week.  At about 2 weeks, their combs start coming in and apparently rooster combs come in bigger and bright red. 
To be continued... :)