Monday, October 19, 2015

Camping Weekends ROCK!

 This weekend we went camping at Old Post in Russellville on the Arkansas River.  We've never been there before and while it was a very relaxing weekend, I probably wouldn't pick this spot again.  I think we were the only people there not retired. ha!  As soon as we got in the camper, Rex immediately hopped up in his bunk. :)
 The river was super low, but it was still nice being on the river.  The weather was PERFECT for fall camping.  Sweatshirt weather!
 I love it when God gives us a beautiful sky to enjoy!
 Just relaxing in the camper with my sweet Rex.
 Our campsite...I did like the cover over the picnic table.  The campground was very clean and nice.
 On Saturday after sleeping in (much needed) and a yummy camping breakfast, we headed out to hit a few flea markets!  Besides camping, that is probably our favorite thing to do.
 And...then we saw a good feed store...I love a good feed store.  LOVE the way they smell.  Always have.  And, this feed store had baby ducks, rabbits and bantam chics.
 Oh the cuteness!!  Please, please, please, can we bring some home?
 Of course!!  We planned on getting 2 or 3 but when we went back the next day we found out there was a 6 buy minimum.  So...what's a girl to do but buy 6? :)
Oh, and here are my ultra cool flea market finds.  Dr. Seuss hat for the library, a $1.50 book that has been on my to-read list, a rooster to put on the coop...well, just a pretty good haul for a mere $50!

October 16-18th, Old Post Campground, site B32