Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chicken Doctor

 Today, I was home because I had my own doctor appointment for a bum shoulder.  When I went to check on the babies this morning, one was panting hard and laying on its side.  When I picked it up, it was totally limp.  I thought it was literally going to be dead within the hour.  I tried to leave it under the heat lamp with the others, but they were pecking it and it couldn't even raise its head or move to get away.  So, I created a nest out of hay and moved it out of the brooder box and went to my doctor appointment fully expecting to find a dead baby chicken when I got home.  I really only moved it and made it comfortable to help it not get pecked and picked on in its last moments.
I got home about 2 hours later and it was still alive, so I decided to make a "chicken hospital" and see if I could get it to drink water.

Meanwhile...these meanies weren't worried in the least!  They just all huddled up and went to sleep!

Jethro, of course, was just concerned with what I was doing all day! LOL!
And, baby chicken has made some serious improvements.  She has gone from unresponsive to drinking some water, regular breathing, chirping and moving around some!?!  So, I made a little food dish and water dish out of the lids of my water bottles and kept her in the little tote to keep her separate from the meanies but still be under the heat lamp.  I guess we just see what tomorrow brings and go from there...she is half the size of the others.  Maybe it's just a "runt" issue and the others ganged up on her?

 Who knew one day I would be a chicken doctor? LOL!

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