Sunday, October 18, 2015

Meet the Newest Benson Babies :)

It all started with a camping trip near flea markets and an innocent trip to a huge feed store.  My hubby knows I love a good feed store, so while we were out flea marketing, we stopped at one.  And, as I rounded the back I heard chirping that sounded like "momma take me home!" LOL!
On our way home today we stopped and intended to pick up 3 to bring home.  Well, turns out they have a minimum buy of 6.  They actually said it's a state law.  Seriously???  Who makes up these laws??  So, I caved and bought 6, figuring since they aren't sexed, we could just wait it out and see if we had any roosters and sell them and keep the rest.  
Here they try not to get attached, because in the end, regardless of if they are all hens or roosters, I'd like to only keep 2 or 3. :)  Those who really know me are laughing now I know! 
First one...see the feathers even on the feet!
Little lady #2 (let's speak it into existence that they are all girls!)
 This one looks like our two black austrolorp's that the dogs "accidently" killed. 
 This is one of my favorites...I like the coloring.
 This was one of Kevin's favorites...feathery feet.  Reminds me of the Grinch.
 And the best for last...we really, really hope this one turns out to be a little lady (aka hen).  Look at that cone shaped head and feather feet.  We think it might be a buff orphington.  One of those fancy chickens with the fluffy heads and feet. How fun would that be?
Join us on this fun little farm experiment to see just what in the world we bought today.  All we know for sure is that they are bantam chickens, which is basically a miniature chicken.  Now...what breeds and what sex?  That we will see as they grow.  Big Bear's rule is no roosters can stay, so let's all hope we got a group of hens!!!

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