Sunday, November 22, 2015

Eventful Weekend

 We headed out Friday for Kevin's family Thanksgiving.  This is his grandmother with all her kids. She's just shy of 89. This year, Kevin's aunt Tish hosted and their place was in the country and gorgeous!
 Luckily, we decided to head back Saturday and not spend another night.  As our house sitter was in the driveway getting ready to leave, she hears a loud crash.  Long story short - she called 911 immediately and that was a blessing that she hadn't left yet because her quick call helped keep the fire under control.  A car hit an utility pole directly across the street.  It fell across the street and into a pine tree on our property and started a fire. (Praise Jesus for that big pine tree that kept it from landing on our fence!!)
 This was literally steps from our mailbox, so we had to get home the back way in and talk ourselves in.  Then, came the great animal round up.  I wanted the curious donkeys as far away from the action as possible.  So, I immediately went into "round up donkeys mode"...almost had them in the back yard and then Elly May spooked at the last minute and ran off.  Well, when they get separated, the braying begins.  In the end, I left them out and kept a close eye on them.  But the street in front of their pasture was lined with fire trucks, police and electric trucks, so Elly May was having none of it.
 To add to the "excitement", turns out the car was stolen and when dude hit the pole, he jumped out and ran.  So, we were surrounded by police but still did all our animal round up with a loaded pistol on us at all times.
 It was also supposed to drop below 30 degrees that night so we rushed around in the dark and got the windows of the chicken coop covered and then had to bring the baby chicks inside.  They have to be under a heat lamp and we had no power. the craft room they go!
 We ended up with no power until 2 am.  Sleep was spotty.  Animals were all safe and well.  The drama could've been a lot worse.
This morning the chicks moved back to the barn and Kevin told me I better not tell anyone he let me bring them inside!!! Ha!  Well good grief, it was special circumstances!!
 And, on my first morning of breaking up ice on water buckets, I discovered this:
Looks like we move to plan D! LOL!
Now, after all that, I'm ready for a nice, calm relaxing week off! :)

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