Thursday, November 19, 2015

Farm Update

It's been a week of mostly rain - which makes it harder to get cute pictures and spend time with my babies! 
Today I managed to get some pictures of the "still ugly teenage stage" baby chicks.  I am still sticking with 2 roosters and 3 hens.  This cream color one is turning out to be maybe hard to tell right now! LOL!

And, then this one...oh my!  PLEASE let it be a hen!  Just cause it's so interesting looking!!  But, see the one behind it?  See how big and red its comb is?  That has to be a rooster.  Darn!
And, there they all their glory!
In donkey news, Elly May managed to reach the mums over the fence and eat them!  The battle continues!
And here is a picture of teamwork (and yes, it made Kevin mad that I took a picture rather than putting a stop to it, because Ruby knows she isn't to be on the counter!!)  Ruby was knocking down crumbs and feeding her brother! Haha!
ONLY ONE MORE WORK DAY and then I get a full week off!!  Yeehaw!!!

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