Sunday, November 8, 2015

Girl Weekend :)

There are very few people I would get up at 4:30 in the morning and drive 4 hours for...but my BFF is one of them.  And as I drove Friday morning, it was gorgeous!  The fog in the mountains and the colors...wish I could've taken some pictures.  
Once I get to Michelle's, there is still an hour of driving left, so the trip isn't over. I got to see Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma this weekend! All in the name of girl time and scrapbooking!!
I haven't scrapped since the last time we were together over the summer!!!
 The place we scrap is in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma.  It was beautiful!!!  I have never been in the fall.  I'm usually there in the middle of winter. So, Saturday, I got out and enjoyed a little walk.
 I went out to visit and love on the horses and said, "what's wrong with your ears?"  Then, I realized I'm just used to huge donkey ears! LOL!
 This is the back of the ranch house we stay in.  It has a big room in the middle for all the scrapbook tables and then the bedrooms are off to the sides.
Needless to say, no internet, no wifi unless you stand outside and hold your tongue just right.  It's a real get away!
 Day 3 - no shower, no make-up shot of me and the BFF.  Not bad for all natural! haha!
I managed to scrap 50 regular scrapbook pages on Friday and Saturday.  Then, late Saturday night and this morning, I worked on my wedding album (that still isn't finished! Gasp!) and got 24 pages done on that! Only the honeymoon to go!!  Woohoo!
Love getting to spend time with my BFF...only get to do it twice a year.

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Vader's Mom said...

What a great idea for a getaway!!!