Thursday, November 12, 2015

Home is where the donkeys bray

 Seriously, I come home.  I run inside to change, and I am outside until dark.  But I cannot get changed fast enough for these two!  Kevin does NOT think Jethro braying for me is cute.  I think it's adorable!!  Even when it loudly comes through a screen door and vibrates off the walls! LOL!
I wonder how many people a day drive by and see these two on the front porch and laugh?  I mean, it can't be every day you see a miniature donkey hanging out on someone's front porch! :)
 Shhhh!!!  Don't tell, but we decided Ruby Rue can explore outside ONLY when we are outside with her.  So far, she stays very close to the front of the house and we leave the door open a crack so she can run back inside if she gets spooked.  You only live once and she hates being left all alone inside.
Tomorrow is Friday!!! Yay!

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