Monday, November 30, 2015

It's the little things...

 We have had nothing but rain here for 3 break...just steady rain and temps dropping.  It's been miserable.  You can imagine how my poor drenched chickens and donkeys felt...I mean look at that normally pretty, fluffy chicken!  Pitiful!
So today was just a drizzle and times of no drizzle or rain and that is what we call being grateful for the little things.  
A break in the rain AND our first taste of hay!!  My donkeys were happy, happy, happy!
Look out!  Elly May likes it so much, she's going to make a break for it and keep it all to herself! :)
 That's right.  We are so darn cute and happy that our momma just can't stop taking pictures!  
Ok, see that black container in the corner below...that is horse height and the feed container that was left in the stall from the previous owner who had horses.  Tonight, I got my drill out and made our miniature donkey hay feeders at mini height (green containers).  What a difference!!

 Meanwhile ... across the barn ... in baby chicken land.  Our now, 6 week old, baby bantam are living it up and starting to get past their hideous stage. :)
No rain in the forecast tomorrow!! woohoo!  We may have a party here!!

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