Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My taste of happy :)

 What makes me happy?  Being home all week!!!!  Leisurely getting to do all my farm chores and spend time with all my fur babies.  Ahhhh!!!  A whole week at home = bliss to me!
Ruby Rue just isn't too sure about the donkeys! LOL!
What momma?  You got a treat?
I love that they are getting more winter "fuzz" by the day!  I think Jethro is cutest when his face is fuzzy. :)
Below is a video that you need your sound for...the picture isn't great because it was after dark, but I finally caught them braying.  If they get separated, they bray until they find each other.  Elly May is more like a "wheezing"...but it warms my heart that they love each other so much.

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