Sunday, November 15, 2015

One Year Farm Anniversary! :)

Saturday we celebrated one year on the Benson Farm.  We originally scheduled to celebrate on the 31st of October (which was our closing date), but it was a rain out.  So we moved it to yesterday and the weather was gorgeous!  Beautiful weather, good turn-out, and yummy food.  It was a great day and the topper was afterwards, the Hogs beat LSU!!  WPS!
I couldn't possibly share all the pictures, but I will share some of my favorites. 
This is our awesome realtors who helped make this dream a reality.  Highly recommend them!!  This picture cracks me up because Elly May looks ready to kick and Lisa looks ready to kick back! LOL!
 Big Bear prepared a fajita bar...and if you've had his fajitas or guacamole, you know it was amazing!  The boy sure can cook!
 Elly May was on her very best behavior.  I was so proud!!  She let all the kids love on her.  
 Turns out donkeys beg just like dogs...they were shameless!  But highly entertaining! :)
 He must have been telling a whopper!
 All the kids seemed to have a good time and several had to be made to leave! Ha!
 Stella was the only dog that got to stay out (because she actually minds!  Labs really are smarter!)  She was exhausted from the ball actually getting thrown for her over and over! LOL!
Don't worry, the boxer boys were in the master bedroom with a child gate up so people were able to pet them and they got plenty of treats.  

 Elly May is some kind of persuasive!  Good thing she's so cute!! LOL!
And that's a wrap!  A great weekend!!!  :)
Now let's see what year 2 on the farm brings!! :-) :-)

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