Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

Kevin always works on Thanksgiving day, and I usually use it as a good reading day.  But, my parents my mom had a major to-do list she wanted done at the Beebe farm and Thursday was the only no rain day, so I decided to go lend an extra hand.  Sometimes it just helps to have an extra hand, plus I love it there.  It's so peaceful.

Mom added this beauty to the farm.  He is gorgeous and appropriately named Tank!  He is supposed to be one of those horses anyone can ride.  We'll see...I'll let someone braver than me test that theory! LOL!
 Our first task after loving on the horses was putting up barn walls on both sides of the hay to keep the horses out of it.
 We also got mom's tie rings in the barn and checked the fence line for the pasture the horses are in.  I know they are loving Beebe.  Now they have about 20 acres and a pond - before 8 horses shared 10 acres.  Gotta be heaven right?
 How could I forget the butt boards??  I learned something new yesterday.  Horses like to rub their butts against the boards, so you put a row of "butt boards" up to keep them off the barn walls that they could bust through.  One side was already done, but we got the other side done.
 Now, that's a drill bit!!  Lastly, we got one of mom's gates up.  She should be happy. :)
 Mom might be happy, but I'm not sure about the horses when they realized they don't have access to the all you can eat hay buffet anymore!
 It was a good day.  There is always a sense of accomplishment with finishing up some farm chores!

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