Monday, November 2, 2015

Ugly Chicklings

Oh my!  They start out so stinking cute and then boom!  Like teenagers, they go through that awkward ugly stage.  Feathers start coming in and they just look gawky.  They are a sight right now. I mean, look at the feet alone on this one!! LOL!  She has some serious Grinch feet!
 This is 2 1/2 weeks old by the way. :)
 And, I have no words for this one! Bahhaa!!
 Nice fro!

 Couldn't get a good shot this one...but you can see the feathers coming in.  It's the pretty little yellow one.
 The comb on this one worries me.  It is the most orange and the brighter the comb early on is a rooster sign.  This is the only one that is still small though and soft looking with the least amount of feathers.  Hmmm....
 Last one...
So, we still have 5 and we still have no clue what we have except that they have lost that "awww" factor! haha!