Friday, December 11, 2015

Baby Chickens Update

We are at a definite 2 roosters...the big Indian above has been caught "crowing".  Look at those feathery feet!!!  He's going to be pretty handsome, but no roosters on the Benson Farm, so he must go.  I am going to see if the neighbors might want him first. :)
The others that he was keeping watch over from above.  The ugly solid black one is a rooster too.  He is doing the crowing as well.  You can really see the difference in them too.
Now this one below...I think she is turning out to be pretty!
 And this "girl" below is a mess to look at it but I sure am still hoping that it is a girl because she will be a conversation started for sure!!  "She's" not there is still hope!
 I think tomorrow I might start putting together their "mini palace" for them to move into.  

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