Sunday, December 6, 2015

Family Farm Day

Saturday afternoon, Big Bear and I headed to my parents farm to meet my mom and just enjoy a little time with family & pick up some barn wood and hay.  My parents have a gold mine of barn wood, so we tossed it all around looking for good pieces.  Big Bear is going to make us an entertainment center and a book case from it.  Then, he's making my mom a little table.  Nothing fancy, but just what we want. :)
Let me tell you a little secret about having your tables made out of barn wood.  You can't see dust. So, I don't dust.  When I vacuum, I take the attachment and vacuum it real quick.  Done! :)
 My beautiful niece took advantage of mom being there for the day and came out to ride her horses.  She has no fear and is so good with them!!  This new guy, Tank, is huge but he is supposed to be one anyone can ride!  We'll see....
 I love the sound of horses running...they came thundering by!
 So, this is HUGE!  I was trying to figure it out and I really think this is MY first time ON a horse in about 15 years!!!  Now, my dad lead me around, but I'm ON! LOL!  Once they prove that anyone can ride him, I will get braver.  Maybe...Ha!
Trailer loaded with barn wood and winter hay for the donkeys.  Happy, happy!
All snug in its place...this is my first winter of needing hay and busting water buckets.  I love it!  Home is my happy place!! :)
 Only 10 more work days and I get to be home for 2 weeks!!!! Woohoo!

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