Sunday, December 27, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Now that my two roosters have finally found their forever home, today I set a goal to get "the girls" area broken down, cleaned out and set up for them to be their home until Spring.  In the Spring I will move them out of the barn. 
So, first I broke down all my redneck ingenuity. :)
And the clean out began.  I moved everything out, took down the make-shift walls, and started fresh.  The dogs were thrilled because apparently there is no treat better than chicken poop! LOL!
 I moved their mini-palace into the stall.  This way, they can sleep in it at night and I can close them up in it.  If they are in a coop, I can leave the barn door open for the donkeys to come in out of the weather.  I couldn't do that before because a opossum or raccoon could easily get them.
I am not sure they knew what to think, but they will be able to huddle up and be warm instead of all out in the open like before.
And, then I put the make-shift walls back up so they can "free range" during the day and it keeps them off my donkeys hay.  Add a little fresh shavings and straw and bingo!  "My girls", (Cotton - the white one, Funky - the funky head one, and Minnie - the black and white one), have officially moved into their mini-palace!  Woohoo!
So, my little experiment that started at Atwood's with me begging for TWO baby chicks...and after I begged and pleaded and had my basket all loaded up with baby chicken supplies, we found out we had to buy a minimum of 6!!  Well, one died early on.  2 were roosters that went to live next door, and I have 3 instead of 2.  Big Bear keeps reminding me of that...I'm one over what I promised! LOL!

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