Sunday, December 13, 2015

Productive Day!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day!!  Temps in the 70's and when that happens, you better get things done because winter weather could hit the very next day! LOL!
I got all my Christmas decorating done (minus the tree...Big Bear didn't make it home before dark to cut it down.).
AND, I put together the mini-palace for the mini-chickens!!  As soon as I find a new home for the two roosters, I am moving it into the chicken stall for winter and the 3 ladies get to move in.  Then, in the spring, they will move outside in it.  This way, I can still have them in the barn while they are young, but can leave the barn door open for the donkeys.  Gotta think about those pesky chicken predators!
The front view :)
Back view
Bubba figuring things out...aka chicken predator!
Ramp up to the hen house
Inside the hen house with the roosting bar...the bottom slides out for easy cleaning
The two nesting boxes
It is supposed to be big enough for 4 bantams and I am only keeping 3, so we should be good.  Best part is that I scored it for $122 on Cyber Monday.  No shipping!  :)
 Now...I need names and a name for the coop.  Hen House or Hen Palace???  hmmm...

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