Sunday, January 31, 2016

All done!

The new donkey "house" is finished.  (Except I think I am going to make cute name signs for the gate..."Home of Jethro & Elly May". :)
Now, comes the real test.  In about an hour, I head down with the last of the hay for the night and try to close them in.  Oh boy!

Saturday, January 30, 2016


This spring like weather is a beautiful thing when it comes to being able to get some farm chores done.
After Minnie escaped the safety of her stall on Thursday, I spent yesterday afternoon getting some chicken wire up.  The little girls need to stay in that safe zone for at least another month.  
Today we spent working on the donkey shed.  The goal being to make it more weather proof - block wind and rain off them on all sides AND be able to lock them up at night.  The 5:30 am braying can happen at the OTHER end of the land...not outside my window!
Before is pictured above
Today we got the wall up...and the post set for the gate.  
I also cleaned up a container dad gave me last night to use as a hay feeder/trough.
 Yes, they will probably be mad at first, but they will get over it.  This will help keep them out of bad weather and help control their eating some.  If you haven't noticed, they could stand to lose a few pounds and not being able to eat all night will help.  Of course to get them to like the donkey shed, I have to bribe them with hay so weight loss may come later. :)

And, we are DONE for today...I sure hope the gate goes well tomorrow...never done that before!  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Boredom Buster :)

Love my ladies! :)

Monday, January 25, 2016


...I will be as cool as my parents and live on a dirt road, not a paved one.  Have 60 acres, not 10.  And, have a four-wheeler (or side-by-side) pulling my hay trailer, not my riding lawnmower! :) LOL!  What is truly funny about this is that at one time in my life, (teenager stage), I would have been MORTIFIED to be like my parents.  Guess who is getting the last laugh? :)
Saturday I made a quick trip to my parent's farm to grab a few more bales of hay for Jethro and Elly May.  Thank God my parents have so much land and bale hay.  I also got a chance to see my brother, niece, mom and dad (bonus!).  
I love days in the country.

Thanks mom & dad!  You ROCK!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


 These two will show out for some treats...and if you are eating something, they think they should be eating it too! LOL!  
I'm easily entertained! :)

Friday, January 22, 2016


 One of my favorite kind of days!!  SNOW!  We knew it was coming...but not sure how much we would get & it wasn't supposed to start until midnight. We woke up to a winter wonderland and 4 inches of snow.  Beautiful!!
 So, the donkeys and I have had our first snow together.  This morning, I was able to go out before the dogs and see their tracks to tell where they hung out when they weren't in the barn.
 Turns out, they have two trees that they stood under for shelter and the shed.  This morning they were wet, but they weren't cold.  They have serious thick winter fur, so I'm not going to worry any more.  They took cover when they wanted.  The shed and barn were both open and full of hay. :)
 The ladies were up in their coop all night and then stayed under it until the snow started melting.  I took them some extra treats to make up for them being bored and stuck in a small space.  
 We just had a good, fun farm snow day!  Even had unexpected visitors - family stopped by in the late afternoon.  I LOVE SNOW DAYS!

 I was on my way down to the shed with their hay, but they decided they wanted it right there in a nice sunny spot. The snow was melting fast in late afternoon.
 Even though they were miserable, they still gave me two eggs. :)

 I couldn't believe she jumped in the water for a dip with snow on the ground!  Labs!
Snow day #1 of 2016 - Jan.22nd - on a Friday, so only one missed school day & a bonus 3 day weekend! :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

Farm Day in Pictures

 My day starts at 6:30 am - regardless of temperatures, weekend or vacation.  In the winter, donkeys need hay, and Jethro will wake me up with a bray like a siren if I am not out there.  So, this morning started like all others only it was 15 degrees!!!! Luckily, the donkeys wanted to eat in the barn this morning and not the shed, so I only had to walk to the barn right behind the house.
 It was spitting I was happy to feed in the barn.  I also made an executive decision that when snowing or temps are below 30, the morning feed will be in the barn.  I am NOT a morning person. :)
 Usually at 6:30, I also let out the little girls, feed the dogs and RubyRue and then leave for work.  
As SOON as I get home...and I mean, I don't even have time to run in and change clothes before Jethro is braying at me.  So, usually about 3:30 ish, the next round of chores start. (and I love it!)
 We walk down to the shed (the donkeys original home when we first brought them home) for the afternoon feed.  See it ... waaaay down at the other end.
 When I turn around, they are hot on my heels. :)
And now they are happy campers! :)
 You will also notice my buddy, Bubba Bear is never very far from me in all my chores.  He is always on duty as my personal sidekick and guard dog.  (and yes, that is a bush from my flowerbed in his mouth! But the donkeys dug it up, not him! LOL!)
About 4:15ish, it's time for the dogs to go inside so the chickens get a turn.
The ladies love to free range!!
 After they get out, it's time to go in the coop and see about food, water, and any clean up. And of course, collect eggs. 
Then, I get to check on the little girls (and Funky) and see about their water and give them treats.
Take a few minutes to relax with "the ladies"...
And today, while the ladies were out free ranging, I decided to start on the hay trough for the donkeys.  I want to make something for the shed to get the hay off the ground, so I grabbed some scrap lumber...
 Fired up the miter saw and the impact driver...
Then, I turned it over and thought, "I could stop right here and have a cool bench!"  So...for now, I left it.  I can't decide if I want to keep going and add little sides or leave it and have a bench.  LOL!
By this time, it's 5ish, which in donkeyland equals "GRAIN!"
 After grain and filling water buckets, it's time for the ladies to go back to their coop and run for the night. 
Gotta get a few more heated water buckets!!
After all those chores (I'm usually outside from the time I get home until dark or after), then I get to come inside warm up, eat a yummy dinner cooked by the Big Bear, read and relax.  Tonight we played domino's. I won! Both times! :)

 Before bed, I bundle up one more time and walk hay down to the shed.  And, make sure these two little girls are locked up in their coop safe and sound for the night.
 Throughout all these chores, I praise Jesus multiple times for the life he has given us.  I absolutely love every minute of it.  I love my farm chores...even in 20 degree temps!  Now, don't get me wrong, I love it MORE in the spring, but I know I can't get a good snow day unless it's cold! LOL!
"A righteous man cares for the needs of his animals..." Proverbs 12:10