Saturday, January 30, 2016


This spring like weather is a beautiful thing when it comes to being able to get some farm chores done.
After Minnie escaped the safety of her stall on Thursday, I spent yesterday afternoon getting some chicken wire up.  The little girls need to stay in that safe zone for at least another month.  
Today we spent working on the donkey shed.  The goal being to make it more weather proof - block wind and rain off them on all sides AND be able to lock them up at night.  The 5:30 am braying can happen at the OTHER end of the land...not outside my window!
Before is pictured above
Today we got the wall up...and the post set for the gate.  
I also cleaned up a container dad gave me last night to use as a hay feeder/trough.
 Yes, they will probably be mad at first, but they will get over it.  This will help keep them out of bad weather and help control their eating some.  If you haven't noticed, they could stand to lose a few pounds and not being able to eat all night will help.  Of course to get them to like the donkey shed, I have to bribe them with hay so weight loss may come later. :)

And, we are DONE for today...I sure hope the gate goes well tomorrow...never done that before!  

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