Friday, January 22, 2016


 One of my favorite kind of days!!  SNOW!  We knew it was coming...but not sure how much we would get & it wasn't supposed to start until midnight. We woke up to a winter wonderland and 4 inches of snow.  Beautiful!!
 So, the donkeys and I have had our first snow together.  This morning, I was able to go out before the dogs and see their tracks to tell where they hung out when they weren't in the barn.
 Turns out, they have two trees that they stood under for shelter and the shed.  This morning they were wet, but they weren't cold.  They have serious thick winter fur, so I'm not going to worry any more.  They took cover when they wanted.  The shed and barn were both open and full of hay. :)
 The ladies were up in their coop all night and then stayed under it until the snow started melting.  I took them some extra treats to make up for them being bored and stuck in a small space.  
 We just had a good, fun farm snow day!  Even had unexpected visitors - family stopped by in the late afternoon.  I LOVE SNOW DAYS!

 I was on my way down to the shed with their hay, but they decided they wanted it right there in a nice sunny spot. The snow was melting fast in late afternoon.
 Even though they were miserable, they still gave me two eggs. :)

 I couldn't believe she jumped in the water for a dip with snow on the ground!  Labs!
Snow day #1 of 2016 - Jan.22nd - on a Friday, so only one missed school day & a bonus 3 day weekend! :)

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