Sunday, January 3, 2016

Year in Review continued...July - December 2015

July 2015 brought our first camping trip of the season & Big Bear's birthday...this year with the new farm, camping would be just a few trips.
And, the chicken coop that was started in April was completed the LAST day of July!! It took forever but it is AWESOME!

 August was another camping trip to one of our favorite spots on DeGray and a little fishing. :)
 It was also when we made BIG break thru's with Bubba Bear and the donkeys!!!  Rejoice!  This is when life got a little easier! LOL!
 August was also our first breakfast brought to us by "the ladies".  The coop was finished on July 31st and we got our first egg the NEXT day!
 September blessed Big Bear with another Mission Trip to the Dominican.  
While Big Bear was away, I was with my now 7th grade girls decorating our new Sunday School room!  It was a big deal for them moving "up the hill" to the teen building.
 September was also the Monster Fall Book Fair!
October 2015 - my gorgeous niece turned 17!!!!
 We took a fall camping trip on the Hogs off week.
 On that camping trip, I begged and pleaded my way to getting 6 baby bantam chickens! Heehee!
And, the final day of October, we scored free tickets to a Razorback game in Fayetteville. Woohoo!

November 2015 brought a scrapbook retreat weekend in Oklahoma with my BFF.  Love this time together!
We also had our "Celebrate ONE year at the Benson Farm" shin-dig.

 Thanksgiving day, I spent with my parents doing farm chores on their farm and meeting the newest addition to the horse family.
The Saturday after Thanksgiving was our BIG family Turkey day gathering.

December 2015 meant getting ready for our first winter with farm animals.  A trip to the parents farm for hay was necessary!! :)
 My baby bantams needed their own coop (of course!). 
Christmas celebrations started...
 Santa came!!!
And with all these events of the year, we had many days of peace just hanging out on the farm with our 2 mini-donkeys, 6 chickens, 3 baby bantams, 3 dogs and 1 cat!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!  God is GOOD all the time! 

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