Friday, January 1, 2016

Year in Review...Jan. - June 2015

 January 2015, we were barely in the new place, so January brought exploring the land and Big Bear's first building project.  My awesome entry table made only from barn wood found on our land and my parents.  Love it!
February 2015, I turned 42!!! Yikes!
Went on a scrap retreat with my BFF to Oklahoma :)
And we had TONS of storm after another!
March was Dr. Seuss day fun!
 MORE snow!
And, our first batch of baby chickens!  
3 Rhode Island Reds, 3 barred rocks and 2 australorps (the 2 australorps met their maker before the coop was ready.)
Oh, and Big Bear finally got a new to him ride.  He's back in a suburban, which is what he loves.
April was the start of horse show season!
And the start of the chicken coop (now known as Cluck Cabin). 
The end of April made us officially a mini-farm with the arrival of these two...Jethro and Elly May, our miniature donkeys.
May was spent with everyone getting to know the donkeys.  It seemed to take forever for them to love us!

May was also the infamous Miss Jane (aka Bruce Jenner) donkey arrival and departure.  It was also Big Bear's first lesson in roping! :)
Mid-June brought us to the "School's out for summer!" happy dance!  Took forever to get here with all the snow days to make up!
It also brought a close to my 6th grade girls Sunday School class.  However, I had decided God was leading to move up the hill with them to teenage land, so I was going to teach them as 7th graders too.  This made it easier. :)
June was also Vacation Bible School...SO fun!  I don't remember church being that fun when I was their age.  Love these girls!
Looking back, I see a lot happened in 2015, so I will be back with July - December later.  Right now, my donkeys need fed and my chickens need put up in the coop.  :)

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