Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring? Are you here?

Could winter be over?  I am loving these temperatures!!  (more than Elly May loves Ruby Rue)  Poor Ruby!  Once Elly May sees her, she immediately chases her back in the house! LOL!

Hello there spring???

I even uncovered the barn window to let natural light and fresh air in for the little girls...the girls who do NOT even go in their nice house!  

Now, for anyone who says fresh eggs or chickens are gross...these eggs are straight from the coop.  I haven't even made it inside yet to wash them.  Clean & beautiful!

 Love is in the must be spring! :)
Pray for GOOD weather on Wednesday so Jethro can get his snip snip done. :)  We need good, dry weather because Wednesday is the day the vet travels to do big animals.  The snip snip will happen right here!!  Please let me still be at work!  I don't think I can handle it!

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