Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday snippets

I'm sure there are plenty of people shaking their heads that my house cat is now allowed outside and is FINALLY making it around to explore the barn.  Well, relax in the fact that she is only outside supervised and she is happier.  When me and the dogs go outside without her, she sits at the backdoor and cries.  She thinks she is a dog.  But I hope she starts catching a few of the mice I've seen taking up residence in the barn!!

Wednesday's are tough on the ladies because with us rushing off to church, they don't get to free range.  Today I hooked them up with table scraps, treats and fresh chicken food, so I think they were satisfied.  Way better than yesterday in the pouring rain.  Nothing more pitiful looking than a bunch of wet hens.  I threw some straw down on their muddy run for them too.  My ladies are spoiled. :)
My new toy helps the chores go a little easier.  Easier to haul stuff...especially all the donkey manure for Kevin's fertilizer/compost pile for his garden.  That pile is GROWING! LoL!
Wednesday's can be a little, chores, church, more chores...but it's all good! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

You stay amazingly busy! Blows my mind everything you can get accomplished.