Sunday, February 21, 2016

What's going on here?

The weather was gorgeous this weekend.  Spring like!  We did a few chores and played a little too.  We had a major floor project going on at the rent warned, your air conditioner can back up and leak INTO the house and ruin floors.  We are blessed right now with awesome renters though and we really only had to purchase the new laminate and run a few errands.  They had experience laying laminate and did all the hard work.  I mean, wow, are we blessed with awesome renters!
So, Saturday, my friend (and our house sitter), Esta stopped by to visit because we haven't gone anywhere in a while and she was missing her animals. :)  She made a goal this year to go on an adventure once a month and had never been on a 4-wheeler in her life.  So, we took care of this months adventure with a 4-wheeler ride.  She loved it!
 Rex passes out after a full-day of running around the farm and hunting moles.
 Bubba Bear is forever a puppy...his favorite toy is one that is meant to be a horse toy. :)
Ruby Rue protected the back porch from birds!
The ladies had a regular ole hen party at the water hole. 
 The donkeys let me put on their new halter that is TOO big!  Urgh!  First, I had them too small and now too big.  Back to Tractor Supply I go!
 And, I only have the top to go on my "chicken tractor".  I need to be able to put the little girls in a pen next to the coop for a few weeks so all the chickens can get used to each other without being able to peck the new ones.  Maybe they can all live together soon.  It's a process...
That's all for now...
Upcoming events equal top for the chicken tractor, fence around garden, fence a small area for chickens around coop, fence for the goats that are maybe coming in the spring, call vet to get Jethro snip snipped, and get a farrier out for hooves.  Oh, and get my crown molding up in the master bedroom.  Projects anyone? :)

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Vader's Mom said...

Ummm... We are missing a puppy... But I love this update!