Monday, March 7, 2016

A day in pictures...

I always have my camera with me.  I am constantly taking in point, let's walk through yesterday and let the pictures tell the day. (and I even left some out!  lots of pictures I tell ya!) :)
First, I was SO excited to see the tulips Big Bear planted were blooming when I left for church.  LOVE tulips!
 We have finally gotten smart and all "flowerbed" type planting will be outside the gate.  No animals to eat it and it looks pretty when you drive up! :)
 This is what happens while I'm mucking out the donkey stall...boxer brothers!  Full speed ahead!
After regular chores were done, I decided it was time to conquer at least one stall of the barn for clean out.  I picked the baby chicken stall - also the hay storage stall and all the feed storage stall.  And, probably the source of the mouse problem.  With the aide of my helpers...there's just something about donkey and chicken poop...

It got worse before it got better because I completely emptied the stall...much to Elly May's pleasure!  She found the hay stack quick!

 And the mouse chase was ON!  There was one in the chicken bedding!  I about lost it!!  Ruby Rue at least LOOKED for one...
This side is done.  All feed is in metal containers.  The plastic only has oyster shell in it for the chickens, but I'm still going to get one more metal bin.
Then I put the brooder box back...and thought well, I might as well set up the girls an area again since it's going to rain all week.  I can't move them outside full time and have it dump on them the first week.
So, the next thing I know, I'm all set up with brooder box and the next stage area all ready for baby chickens to move to...hmmm...must stay out of feed stores, must stay out of feed stores...repeat after me! LOL!
How about that little roosting spot I made them by the window? :)

 Meanwhile, the dogs and I are exhausted from chasing mice and cleaning this place up...and Ruby doesn't have a care in the world...just stretched out relaxing!
 "Hey...are you about done in here?  We are getting hungry!"
 All afternoon, the girls worked more at getting to know the ladies. :)
And the final mouse count for the day was:
Way to go Stella!!  We also found a nest and killed the babies. :(  Had to be done.  GrOsS!!!!
And, that is a day in pictures...edited down! LOL!

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Vader's Mom said...

Stella is more than a pretty face!! Go job girlie.

And I'm with you - I adore tulips. My favorites!