Friday, March 18, 2016

Chicken Breeds :)

 Here is a little run-down on the chicken breeds we have on the Benson Farm...
This little girl is a Barred Rock.  She is also called a pullet (which is what you look for when you want to make sure you get hens...when you see straight run, that means you don't know if you are getting roosters or hens. It's the luck of the draw.)
 She will grow up to look like this hen below & we already have 3 Barred Rocks.  I just purchased two more babies last week. :)  Barred Rocks are rated #11 in chicken breeds and have 95% postive reviews on  
Pros: lots of eggs, beautiful, docile, great layers, friendly to people, pretty, substantial, cold hardy
Cons: bossy (I haven't seen that with our ladies yet though.)

This little lady is a silver laced Wyandotte.  I have wanted Wyandotte's for a year, so I was SO excited when I saw them in the feed store! :)
When she grows up, she will look like the hen below.  
Wyandotte's are rated #13 in chicken breeds and have 92% positive reviews on  I got 6 baby chicks last week of this breed. :)
Pros:  small comb for extreme cold climate tolerance, great layers, good mothers, gentle, colorful, good dual purpose, beautiful, easy to keep
Cons: None
Hmmm...seems like they should have a higher rating! :)

Our other ladies are Rhode Island Reds.  This is one of our babies from last year:
 This is a Rhode Island Red hen full grown:
They are rated #8 in chicken breeds and have 93% positive reviews on  
Pros: curious, loving, good eggs, friendly, good layers, not broody, nice color
Cons: roosters can be aggressive (but you know we are a hen only farm!)
We also have 2 banty's.  Banty's are just miniature chickens.  I got 6 in the fall from a straight run.  One died.  3 were roosters and I have Cotton and Minnie left.  The only two hens...which is funny because I only wanted two but they make you buy 6!  Minnie is actually a mini-Wyandotte! I'm not sure what Cotton is!...
So what is the #1 chicken breed you ask?  I was curious too!  
The #1 chicken breed according to is the Orphington with 96% positive reviews.  Hmmm...maybe next time the feed store will have these!!  I might need a second coop! LOL!
Here is an Orphington hen:

And, that is my Chicken Education Class for today. :-)
Probably going to take a few days off to hibernate for Spring Break...see you in a few!

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Vader's Mom said...

They are all adorable as babies, but I think the Wyandotte is my favorite based on adult looks!!