Friday, March 11, 2016

Funny Story...

Here's how it went down. Yesterday, I went to the feed store and got a few of which was yet another halter to try on the donkeys.  I am on halter 4 now and NONE fit!  I asked if I could return it if it didn't fit, they said yes.  Well...they were all set up for baby chicks.  I asked what kind they were getting.  They were supposed to get wyandotte's that day but they didn't come.  They said they might be in on Monday.  Hmmmm...I've wanted wyandotte's for a year!  So, I'm thinking about it.  I may have asked Kevin if he would go on Monday and pick me up some. :)
Meanwhile, I go home and the stupid halter doesn't fit.  Fast forward to today and I walk in to return the halter and the heat lamps are on baby chics!!!!  What???
So, naturally I say, "I will just trade this halter for some chickens."  How many?  6 wyandotte's please.  Then I go grab a few more supplies and see that not only do they have wyandotte's, but they have barred rocks!  (That's what our pretty black and white ladies are and Kevin's favorite.)  So, I said, "Oh, you are going to have to add two more.  I need two barred rocks."  For Kevin, of course! :)

I walk out with a big ole smile and 8 baby chickens! LOL!  I have lost my ever loving mind!  If they all survive, I will have 14 chickens and 2 mini-chickens!!
My husband, who had told me just Wednesday...and I quote "Baby, you can have as many chickens as you want."...when I sent him a super cute picture, he called and asked what I had done.  I told him and then get this heavy sigh.  I reminded what he had told me to which he replies, "Well I didn't know you were going to get 8!" Hahahaha!!!
He will get over it.  He won't have to do any work...he's safe. Unless I buy more.  Then, I am going to need another coop! LOL!
Ok, seriously, this is what the silver-laced wyandotte's look like full grown:
And that's how the farm grew by 8...
Starting in April, I will be selling fresh eggs for $3 a dozen.  All money goes in the chicken jar.  These pets feed us and pay for their own feed. Boom!

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Vader's Mom said...

I love it!!! And if I lived closer, I'd so be on the egg purchasing list.