Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hen Party!

Today marks one year with "the ladies", so of course, a trip to Tractor Supply was in order.  I got myself a super cute pair of chicken boots in their honor. :)
And, today I can boast one year as the crazy chicken lady! LOL!
And of course, they got some extra treats! 
Here is a small peek into the hen party:

And here is a small peek into happy sounds on the farm - baby chicks!  #happy

In "ass" news...these two have gone two nights without sleeping in their shed because it appears hay season is over and they are back on grass.  Pray that Jethro continues to BE QUIET in the mornings so this can continue.  It seriously cuts down on my chore list! :)

PS.  Spring Break needs to SLOW down!

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Vader's Mom said...

Do the chickens make a lot of noise at night? Or is it nothing compared to Jethro?