Monday, March 28, 2016

It's all about the coop :)

When you ask and ask for "someone" to please install another perch in the chicken coop and you wait and wait...well, ladies, finally you just say, "Who needs a man?  I can do this."  And, you grab a board, a power tool and some screws and you climb/squeeze into the coop (clean it out first) and you do it yourself! :)
Now, there are two perches.  Perfect for when the new chickens go in. 
And, of course, "the ladies" were supposed to be free ranging, had to come and see what in the world I was doing inside their coop!
 "You aren't moving in are you?"
Keep in mind this isn't a coop you walk into.  I had to squeeze in through the back opening that I use to clean it out. I'm pretty sure Kevin wouldn't have fit anyway! :)
And, the outside with my flea market find on! Love!
 Last, but not least, a Pinterest project I can actually do!  Head of cabbage, drill a hole through the middle, little rope and instant treat for the ladies. :)
Some days, it's all about the chicken coop! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

You have the most amazing looking coop - The Ladies should be proud.