Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Meet the Characters!

Let's introduce the main players on this blog in order of oldest to youngest.  My, my, how the family has grown! :)
First, we have Stella, the chocolate lab, that we got as a 6 week old puppy.  She is now almost 7 years old and gets more gray hair by the day.  She is our smartest child, and she minds the best.  She is most happy when she is with her humans and someone is touching her or throwing the ball.  Notice it is right beside her in case someone decides to throw it. ha!  We often say that one day her heart will just burst from all the love she holds.  She is also the only dog allowed out with the chickens...probably goes back to the "only one that minds and is the smartest". :)
Rex, the boxer, came into the picture about 4 months later.  We adopted him from BoxAR Rescue as a 6 month old puppy. He and Stella are one month apart in age, and were the easiest pups EVER.  Rex is the most laid back dog in the world.  It's almost like he is stoned most of the time.  Then, out of no where, he will get a burst of energy and take off like a shot!  He likes to sleep in the softest spots possible.  We were afraid he would be our one dog that wouldn't appreciate the country life, but he loves it!  He is our mole catcher.  We say we will never have another dog like Rex.  He is just an odd duck, but we love him. :)
When Stella and Rex were about 3 years old, we stupidly decided to get a 3rd dog! LOL!  Then, came Bubba Bear, the most hard-headed and hard to train dog EVER!  He is a HOT mess.  He's getting better, and he is our best guard dog.  He doesn't let anyone near the fence line without hearing from him.  He is also my baby.  He's a pain, but I can't imagine life without him.  We have had his bloodline in my family since I was in the 3rd grade and he was the last litter of pups, hence, the 3rd dog.  He sleeps curled up against my legs every night.  I tried to break him of it when we moved, but I gave up.  He is smart and sneaks up in the bed once we are asleep! LOL! 
He is now 3 years old and weighs about 80 to 85 pounds but thinks he is a lap dog!
After my cat of 18 years passed away, I couldn't handle not having a cat.  I wanted a cuddle buddy and we adopted Ruby Rue from the local shelter as a 6 week old barely 2 lb. kitten. I just knew Bubba Bear was going to kill her, but they are best friends!  Ruby Rue is NOT a cuddle buddy.  She is actually good for nothing except entertaining Bubba!  She's gorgeous.  And, that's about it.  She only cuddles if her food bowl is empty.  She will be 2 years old this year, so I'm hoping she will get more loving.  As for now, she's Bubba's cat. :)
Our first animals to add to the farm were "the ladies".  We got 3 Rhode Island Reds (Red, Ginger and Frenchie) and 3 Barred Rocks (Henrietta, Tina Turner Ridings & Jackie) last spring break.  They are now a year old and we get almost an egg a day from them.  (Note: We also got 2 Australorps, but they got out and the boxers killed them.) 
In April last year, we added Jethro and Elly May, the mini-donkeys.  Oh, my goodness!  They were/are so cute!  I love them!!!  They are entertaining and keep us on our toes!  Elly May is the leader and Jethro goes where she goes.  If they get separated, they call to each other until they find each other.  I was in NO way prepared for a donkey bray.  It is LOUD!  Elly May is pretty quiet and Jethro is supposedly going to get quieter now that he is "snip snipped".  
They are both a year old.  They have changed a lot in a year!
 In the fall, I talked Kevin into some banty's (mini-chickens)...not my best decision, but I hate admitting when he is right! Ha!  I bought 6 from a straight run because they make you buy 6.  1 died. 3 were roosters.  We are a hen only farm, so we are left with these two girls, Minnie and Cotton.  They just started laying last week. Or rather, Minnie did.  Cotton is freeloading at the moment.  I haven't tried their eggs yet, but I hear they are even better.
And, lastly, 2 weeks ago, in my crazy chicken lady weakness, I added 6 baby Wyandotte's and 2 more baby barred rocks.  So far, only one is named.  It's the smallest of the group and I didn't know if it would even make it those first few days.  It's my fave of this bunch and I call her, Teeny. :)
And, there you have it, all the characters that make up the Benson Farm....for now! :)

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