Thursday, March 3, 2016

Farm Updates

  1. Jethro didn't get "snip snipped" yesterday.  The vet was held up by a horse with a tumor on its penis he had to remove.  Seriously.  How would you like to say that when you got home from work? "Honey, how was your day?"  "Oh, I had to remove a tumor from a horse's penis."  haha!
  2. I am noticing (due the frequency of my visits) that the farm stores are getting ready for baby chicks.  I am going to TRY to resist the best I can!!  Chickens are an addiction if you didn't know. :)
  3. Ok, here it is, for those of you hoping for goats.  It will probably be another year.  I think we are going to focus on getting our garden going and adding bees this year.  Now, if anyone is just so disappointed by this that they want to volunteer to come put up the goat fence and build the goat shelter, go for it!  Otherwise, it will be another year on the goats.  Let's focus on fresh eggs, fresh veggies and fresh honey first! :)
  4. We will very probably try to add a barn kitten/cat to the mix this spring.  I need a mouser.  It's going to have to be fast and stay away from the dogs until they are used to it.  This will be a working cat with a job, so no inside privileges. 
  5. And, lastly because posts with no pictures or videos are is a video of feed time on the Benson Farm! LOL!

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Vader's Mom said...

Seriously. Those donkeys crack me up!!! When are the ducks expected?