Monday, March 14, 2016

Real work!

After working all day at our "real" jobs...the ones that actually pay us, it's time to come home and work on our little may not pay us, but we like this job much better.  And, we learn something new with each "job".  Today, we worked on the garden fence.  And, we learned out to stretch fence!!  Only one more side and the gates to go!
After that project, when Big Bear was trying to escape inside to cook dinner, I begged him to help me cut out some hardwire cloth on the mini-palace and help me walk it outside to beside the big ladies coop. :)

Once he made that one adjustment for me, I was able to attach the little pen I bought to make the run longer and the two mini-girls are officially out of the barn as of tonight.  After a few days of being beside the big ladies coop all day, I will let them free range together and if all goes well, they will get to move into the big coop. :)  
Makes you realize how awesome Big Bear's coop is when you see the mini-palace right beside it! :)
I sold my first eggs today!! Woohoo!

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Vader's Mom said...

Busy, busy bee - Oh, when are you going to get bees and honey???