Thursday, March 24, 2016

Snapshots of the day...

My flea market find for the side of the coop:
 Ruby says, "So this is where you live? Hmmm..."
Boxer brothers play hard:
And, crash:
I have no words for these two trouble makers this week...let's just say it's going to be a miracle if Elly May isn't knocked up and it takes awhile for the "urge" to leave the system after a snip snip.  We will leave it at that.  Oh joy!
My camping flea market find found it's home on the coop today...perfect!!!
And, I think we have an impostor...I predict that this one is a rooster and slipped in with the girls. See the long tail feathers?  That's what makes me think it.  But maybe I will be wrong.
2 weeks old tomorrow...their wings are now feathers. 
Baby silver laced Wyandotte:
Baby barred rock:
Only 3 days of Spring Break left...SLoW DoWN!

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Vader's Mom said...

Your boxer brother photos are adorable