Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break Camping

 Spring Break is always our anniversary and we were in desperate need of some get-away time.  Life has been too busy lately.  At the last minute, we decided to add an extra night and head out Saturday, Sunday and Monday night to camp.  Also the coldest nights of Spring Break, I might add!  Freeze warning one night!  But we needed a break, so off we went.  
We left about 3 o'clock Saturday heading to Lake Sylvia...we haven't been there in 3 years.  We were pumped!  Nice trails.  And wooded.  We get there.  CLOSED.  What?!?!  So, we are about 30 minutes from Petit Jean.  Full., in the end, we ended up at Toad Suck Park just right outside Conway.  The hidden blessing in that is that our nephews were home from college and were able to come out one night.  And, there is a new flea market in Conway I've been dying to go to! :)
 Not the woods but still pretty...
My flea market scores!  The Eggs sign is going on the coop!
 Stella got to go on this trip.  She needed a break from Bubba Bear!  We LOVE our house sitter who keeps all the critters happy while we disappear for a few days!
 It was slightly cold on Sunday night.  I didn't have a hat, but luckily (or not) Kevin had one! LOL!

Kevin made chili Sunday night and his sister, all the kids and even the brother-in-law came for supper and smores and fried pies.  So, it was good we ended up where we did. :)

 Interesting sites on this trip: 
*A couple sleeping in a TENT in 30 degree temps!!
**An old man who came on Monday night with his cat.  And, he kept the cat outside on a leash like a dog!
Toad Suck Park - March 19th through 22nd - Site B6

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You look fabulous in the hat, darling!