Monday, April 25, 2016

Day 2 of Goat Shed

Today was work and then home to work on the goat shed.  It was actually a good outlet to let go of today's frustrations.  
Stella was in charge of keeping up with the tools...ha!
Rex was the floor tester! :)
What you can't tell about today's progress is that we took the floors up and firmed up the support underneath.  Yesterday, it wasn't holding Big Bear's weight very well & there will be probably 3 goats living in it.  Goats weigh more than you think. 
What are ya'll doing down here again?
Even Ruby Rue came down to give her inspection.  I think she approved.
Here is today's after this, I got 3/4 of the floor primed before I ran out of primer.  Now, if you see flaws, just keep it to yourself.  We are pretty proud of ourselves so far! :)
Tomorrow is walls up and tin roof on, then we can say done! Well, except for me painting it red to match the barn and chicken coop. 

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Vader's Mom said...

I love how it is already well loved by the current occupations of the farm!!