Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 3 of the goat shed

Ruby Rue decided to come out and help today.  She's holding down the walls. :)
First the tin roof went on!
Looking good!
Now we are ready for walls!!!
"Thanks guys!  We don't know why you decided to build us this fort, but we love it!" haha!
Ruby Rue decided to inspect the roof.
By the way, Big Bear loves it when I get distracted by a cute moment and stop to snap a picture! LOL!  But seriously, this is our work space and look at all our lazy helpers!  Ruby Rue is stretched out IN the goat shed!! :)
And the final product for day 3.  We have two more wall sections to cut and a few wall supports to put up and done!  Well, except for me painting it red but that may wait until summer break.  I am pretty proud of us!  We didn't even fuss at each other while building it! ha!
 From the back:
Big Bear has to work both jobs the next two days, so we will finish up Friday night weather permitting.  Then, it's two rows of fencing and GOATS!!

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Vader's Mom said...

I love that the whole family "helped" build this shed!!!